I would like to just thank Derek and Howling Wolves Financial Services once again for all the help that he provided! Thanks to Derek, I'm left with a peace of mind and a weight off my shoulders! Knowing that they're getting a step ahead with leaving them something behind to be not only financially secure, but also creating the beginning of our generational wealth opportunities is more than I could ask for!!
Sonya I. Tx
I was paying a lot of money for a measly 4500.00 life policy, now I'm paying less money for a 10000.00 life policy through Howling Wolves Financial Services. Yay! Thank you Derek! You are the bomb!
Carol O. Tx
Working with Derek the past few months has been a pleasure. He cares so much about protecting my family and making sure they're set up in the future. Derek is a Family man and will work as hard as he needs to make sure your family is safe. He is very easy to work with and will make sure you know something that you quite cannot understand. Derek is the best choice for your financial needs.
Jared M. Oh
Wow! Life insurance is so much more than I ever thought it could be! Derek has been so helpful in helping me learn what insurance can do for me in my own lifetime, as well as for my family in my death. Thanks Derek!
Tracy S. Tx
Before talking with Derek I had always thought of life insurance only being effective once you pass away. After the knowledge Derek has equipped me with I now understand that life insurance can serve me and my family plenty of benefits while still alive. I’m grateful for his time and professionalism.
Logan H. Tx
Derek helped secure a bright future for my children by getting us set up with affordable life insurance for each of them. Derek made it easy and the process was seamless. I can rest easy knowing my children are protected. Thank you Derek for everything!
Misty H. Tx