About Us

Our Story

Howling Wolves Financial Services was founded with a core mission – to empower everyone with the option of being able to take a bite out of their future by taking control of their life. Our founder set the tone – Business Economist Derek Wolf gave individuals access to new and innovated ways of thinking outside the norm of financial literacy that were previously only known to a select few of individuals and businesses. Wolf established his agency and advisory firm with the belief that everyone should have a trusted financial advocate. Our planners carry that mission forward every day with every individual.


Our Vision

We believe passionately in the power of ideas and financial stability to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, to make a difference in the world.

Our Mission

We strive to bring individuals and businesses the lowest possible rates while being fiduciaries on their behalf in an effort to promote financial stability and to help ensure we can “Take A Bite Out Of The Future.”

Our Values

The Why:

Empower People Today to Build a Better Future for the Next Generation

The Hows:

Do the right thing. Always.
Lead by example
Bring out the best in everyone
Always be open to new ideas and knowledge

The Whats:

Identify & invest in growth & diversification
Delight our customers
Honor our commitments
Develop & incorporate new technology
Improve financial security


Derek Wolf

Founder & CEO

Katlyn Harris

Operations Manager

Vivian Wolf

Marketing Coordinator

Logan Hinkle

Representatives Manager

Letter From Our Founder

Dear Friends of Howling Wolves Financial Services,

From humble upbringings, I launced a startup business called Howling Wolves Financial Services. I had the dream to create a better financial firm, one drivien by a desire to help empower those in need – for our clients and communities. A place where people would be excited to come to work, where they would feel a sense of security and pride. An organization that valued active diversity, constant quality and fierce integrity. A culture that advocated as fiduciaries for our clients where we gave the power back to better their financial lives and improving the world around us.

I founded Howling Wolves Financial Services with a simple vision:

Helping rise others up and rise up they have.

From all walks of life to our own employees, we continuously rise each other up. Now with over hundreds of families and businesses helped each year across the United States, I can proudly say this is only the beginning for us! Every individual we help has lasting impacts on their financial stability which is laying the groundwork for a better tomorrow – for themselves and their families.

But the work does not stop there. Everyday, we push our selves to become the best version of ourselves in our daily and worklives. We strive to be there for you when it matters the most and rest assured we will be. For us, this has always been bigger then ourselves.  I am proud of all our achievements and the individuals we have helped and will continue to help into the future. We have set the tone for our future and now we are proud to bring it to you.

Our goal is simple. To always help you “Take a bite out of your future” because we believe in making a difference in this world!

Derek Wolf
Founder & CEO